Consider bringing the following items depending on your length of stay:


* Basic camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, Bug Spray, Sunscreen, lantern, flashlight, grill, cookware, etc…)

* Breakfast and Dinner foods, snacks, and drinks for yourself and others with you.

* Food must be stored in sealed containers and left in vehicles due to various wildlife in and around the camp.

* Meals / Food should be eaten in designated areas and trash disposed of in proper containers.

* Toiletries, soap, towels, shower shoes etc… for use in the Black River Village bathroom and shower facilities.

* Modest swimming pool attire.

* Hiking shoes, Bicycles, Camera, Fishing Poles (Requires NM Fishing License) etc… Black River Village has many surrounding trails and plenty of outdoor activities.

* Bible of choice (i.e. NAS, KJV, NKJV, JPS, e-Sword)

* Instruments of Praise (i.e. Shofars, Tambourine, Stringed Instruments)

* A big appetite because anytime we get together (Other than Yom Kippur) there is food associated.



What not to bring:

* Things of the world

* Firearms / Explosives

* Illegal Substances








Smoking Policy:

* In an effort to be a good example to our youth and to be considerate of others, no smoking will be permitted within the camp. There will be a designated smoking area established upon arrival.


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