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Kehilat Yeshua recognizes that people come from a variety of beliefs and lifestyles. Even within our group we are all at different levels of understanding but none of us are any better than the other, nor do we pretend to be. We simply love YHWH and His Word and want to become what He wants us to be. “Sanctify them by thy truth: THY WORD is TRUTH!” At a minimum, we encourage all, Jew or Gentile, to observe the commands set down in Acts 15 to the Gentile community, as a starting point in beginning to walk the walk of Messiah. We are not “legalistic” in our approach to Torah: the Torah was never truly a “law”, but is a “teacher”, instructing all who love YHWH in how to live. That remains its purpose for us today.

 If you are interested in celebrating the Sabbath, and in beginning to celebrate the Biblical festivals as teaching tools to be able to know when He’s coming, come for a visit and stay as long as you like.

We believe in a literal interpretation of the Torah (First Five Books of the Bible) and that it is an indivisible whole and fundamentally continues to apply to all followers of YHWH under the renewed covenant (New Testament). Proponents emphasize the Biblical passages in both Tenach and Brit Chadashah (Old and New Testaments) describing YHWH's entire Law as both “everlasting” and “good”. In addition, this view holds that, rather than negating the Torah, part of the renewed covenant is to have this same Torah written upon the hearts of believers by the Holy Spirit.

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